I am Kirk Magill.

I am a technology specialist with a 25 year history of working with all forms of software and hardware in the K-12 educational field.

Computerworks was my business in Sigourney Iowa, where I was the proprietor. I served local businesses and individuals by providing computer systems and networking support from 2001 to 2020. I still work in technology but specialize more in relational databases and systems automation.

Now that my kids are all out on their own I have more time to try new things and experience new places. I’d love to share my travels with you and give you Come check out my YouTube Channel or follow me on Instagram where you will can find out more, get reviews on local businesses and see what latest gadgets or fun products I have recently purchased.

My goal will be to offer you my opinions on anything from food and drink to travels ideas and biking.

Life is short – Have fun, Be nice, and enjoy the travel!

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